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If you have ever thought about starting your own online business, or already have an existing one, then you must know that the success of your online venture depends heavily on the quality and reliability of your suppliers. As online commerce becomes more global, competition becomes more intense and thus it is crucial that you get the list of suppliers who are pre-verified and can be trusted to handle the products your customers purchase. One terrific method of growing your online business is to enlist the services of wholesale dropshippers. Wholesale dropshippers are wholesale suppliers who would send the products to your customers on your behalf. This is very useful for those who are just starting out with your own online business, or for those who do not want to keep large inventory. You can easily use this strategy and apply it in your commerce business. Find out how you can get 100% pre verified Wholesale Dropship Suppliers, the very same suppliers utilized by eBay Powersellers!

** Salehoo Wholesale Dropshippers:
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  • Over 8,000 of the world's best, legitimate suppliers - all pre-screened and categorized so you can find what you want, fast.
  • Suppliers for every type of product imaginable - from electronics, DVDs, lingerie and clothing right through to plumbing supplies, dehumidifiers and baby strollers.
  • Suppliers for top brand-name products: GUCCI, SONY, APPLE, D&G, PANASONIC, NIKE, PRADA, LACOSTE, HP and more!
  • All types of suppliers - wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers, liquidators. Whether you're after just a few items or a thousand, we've got suppliers to suit.
  • Constantly updated database means you're not left holding stale information. In this industry suppliers come and go... we have a full-time team of researchers checking and re-checking our information.
  • Need international shipping? No problem. A large proportion of our suppliers are happy to ship overseas.
  • Low or no minimum order quantities! Not everyone has the purchasing power of a retail giant, so we've researched suppliers who are happy to deal in smaller quantities.

Top 3 Best Wholesale Sources Online:

salehoo directory
sky high auction
wholesale dropshippers



The Ultimate dropship | 100% Verified wholesale Directory
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  • Suppliers Categorized According to Min Order

  • Categories of Liquidation Suppliers for Top Designer Brand Names

  • 8000+ Daily 3 Tier Verified Wholesale Suppliers

  • Over 25 Million name brand, quality products at super bargains

  • Global Import Wholesale Suppliers

  • Secret China, Vietnam, Malaysian and Indian Wholesalers and Liquidation Suppliers

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Do you want to start your own successful online business?
Does your success demand that you have the absolute lowest wholesale prices? Do you need wholesalers and drop-shippers that are 100% pre-screened and that you can trust?
Do you want to use the exact same list of wholesale suppliers used by Ebay Powersellers?

Right now, your competitor is easily making well over $1 Million each year selling products on eBay! Its a lot easier than you think! - All you need is the RIGHT list of trusted wholesale suppliers and liquidation houses!

How often have you scoured the internet for the item you desire, only to find the cheapest one resides on eBay? I am sure its uncommon that you have perhaps tried dozesn of time via various search engines, and the cheapest ones are ALWAYS on ebay? Well, the secret is out now! ebay Powersellers get their sources from a SINGLE supplier sources, and they guard it well since the ebay powersellers group is a pretty tight knit community. 90% of eBay powersellers get their products right off the Salehoo supplier list.

What is the Salehoo Wholesale List? Basically its a very well organized and well categorized list of suppliers from all over the world. These suppliers are real manufacturers that well at real wholesale prices and has been pre verified before being listed in the Salehoo directories. Each supplier has to be verified monthly after that to ensure that they adhere to the standards set by ebay powersellers (who are the main moderators of the salehoo databases!)

Check out a few examples below:




As you can see, just a quick search via Salehoo shows a ready listing of wholesale suppliers for the top auction items on Ebay. For example, the search for 'camera' brought back 60 listings for real wholesalers from all over the world. Yes, you may think that 60 is not a whole lot, but these 60 are REAL MANUFACTURING WHOLESALERS, and 60 here means direct contact to 60 manufacturing plants for cameras! All at real wholesale prices! Wholesale prices are typically within 75%-85% cheaper than those displayed at retail. So, by getting your hands on this goldmine, you can be sure that you would be 99% ahead of the crowd!

Have you wondered how these online marketing moguls do it? How are they in a position to get millions of greenbacks worth of product, sell it online at a reduction price, and still earn a generous profit? And we all know, that ebay is now not a place just for collectors and grannies selling their junk anymore ; It has been reported early this year that ebay is only thirty percent auction, seventy pc BIN sales. The majority of the MNCs like Dell, IBM, Loreal and such has joined the entire online marketing game. Online marketing has changed into a billion buck business where you should buy and sell nearly any product under the sun. If you are even considering selling anything online, the only real way you can compete at all is to get your products from the same sources as the big dogs, or AKA the eBAY Powersellers.

There isn't any question about it that only twenty percent of the sellers online makes 80% of the money. And it's also not accidental that there is a thing as a Powerseller's Club. This is a tight, tiny niche where you'll see that about ninety percent of Powersellers all source their products from the same place.. And all of them get it from the SALEHOO Catalog . Dropshipping directories compile inventories of providers and wholesale products to make the drop ship system simpler. By having thousands of suppliers in one site, it is straightforward to compare rates to guarantee the best revenue. Additionally, with drop shipping wholesale directories, support forums give drop shippers the facility to convey with others in the business, and consumer service can make hand made drop shipping lists for whatever niche that's being targeted.Drop ship wholesale lists are sometimes superb for giving access to the suppliers of knock off or no-name branded products. While some drop shippers are doubtful of selling these products, they're generally more gainful to drop ship than the big name brand. In exact fact, many patrons on eBay are on the lookout for more cost-effective, alternative selections to big name brand products.

No big name brands of garments, fitness supplies and mp3 players all sell very well on eBay thanks to the increase of interest in less expensive decisions. But, if one's desire is to vend only name brand products, there are drop ship lists that give access to suppliers of such items.There are lots of small business owners who make good proceeds with drop shipping without drop ship lists. most discover that when they begin using the directories as a resource, they are able to get a larger variety of items at better rates. As a consequence, drop shippers can use less time locating products at the most competitive rate and more time listing the products or writing better product outlines. Since directories give the user the facility to compare rates, the user can simply get the most competitive rate to guarantee the best earnings. Some even obtain access to imported products that are far below their eBay selling rates. These directories may also be good learning tools for those that have a new eBay trade.Drop ship wholesale directories mustn't be confused with drop shipping services that list items on eBay for the user. These services are generally shams in the proven fact that they inflate the prices of their wholesale items and charge daft amounts of money for their services. Instead, drop shipping wholesale directories link up drop shippers to the suppliers so a relationship can be built. Forming relations with the suppliers can cause lower costs, better service and higher drop ship earnings.

If you're even thinking about selling anything online, the ONLY way you can compete at all is to get your products from the same sources as the BIG BOYS, or also known as the eBAY Powersellers. There is no question about it that only 20% of the sellers online makes 80% of the money. And it is also no accident that there is such a thing as a Powerseller's Club. This is a tight, small niche where you will see that about 90% of Powersellers all source their products from the same place.. and they ALL get it from the SALEHOO Directory.




The answer is simple: many of these savvy businessmen and women purchase these products at 100% real wholesale prices, Often directly from manufacturing countries such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia - where they can get a MASSIVE discount.
These wholesale shops can discount the costs so seriously because they don't have to handle the high overhead, promoting and PR costs that most retail chains have to attract. Also, most wholesale shops sell their products in bulk, permitting them to cut costs farther. Many have discovered a goldmine by simply purchasing items at real wholesale prices and then selling it at a sale price on the web and pocketing the difference. While this could sound quite easy, there's one catch. It is terribly tricky to find quality, trustworthy and legitimized wholesale distributors that carry a wide selection of products. While there are loads of products on the market for you to sell for a profit, it is extremely tough to discover where to begin. There wasn't any way to test a distributor out before engaging in business with them, and id was even harder to discover a place where you felt comfortable making a purchase. That is, till now.
Salehoo is an exclusive members only Web wholesale lot that enables you to purchase almost any product under the sun at wholesale costs. Whether or not you are looking to build your web business without beginning a large amount of capital or simply attempting to find some bargains for yourself, you've got to give Salehoo a try. When you try it, you'll be hooked! Salehoo was made after many years of disappointment and displeasing results of prior searched for quality wholesale directories. The creators spent nearly 10 years searching for makers and wholesalers, regularly pointlessly. Pissed off with seeing others buying items for a little part of the price that they went and did. They made a decision to make the Salehoo system. After meeting with others who also shared an interest in overhauling the way Net wholesaling was done, they made a complete and user friendly database that contains some of the finest providers and merchandisers in the business. They offer a good range of products starting from appliances to PCs to clothing and attire. The web market has turned into a profitable business that virtual markets like eBay have been selling millions of greenbacks daily. Each 2nd, an electronic gadget, garments and accessories are being sold.
Thus competition is very high and each seller wants a similar thing - to sell their products and make good money. To stay afloat you want to be more assertive and efficient. Time is money and so you can appreciate the advantages of wholesale directories.A lot of internet enterprises fail because too much time is spent on strategizing and planning for business. Though these are vital elements to any successful venture, too much of everything could be dangerous as well.Realize that not all drop ship providers are the same. Each one would have their individual strengths to give. But a couple of things are common. When going into a drop ship business, note you need not have that much cash. Front-loaded fees aren't that much needed, with stocks and shipping.Your main focus is advertising and promoting the products and researching the market to see what products really sell. Because you don't have to keep a stock of your products and pay for products that you haven't yet sold, you can simply expand the range of the product you have in the market. Your investment is your effort and time spent on selling and selling.Details and crucial info on Salehoo wholesale providers are found in their site.
There also are helpful forums where you can raise questions on different selling methods or expanding your own business. Experts and experienced resellers are there to engage you in an internet dialogue. There's also a 24/7 purchaser support that's prepared to be of service to you, just in case you want them. This is one feature I like about Salehoo's service.Salehoo's worldwide resource makes it more enticing. You can get to deal with providers and buyers all over the world, knowing that you can instantly get services and products that they want.You can check out Salehoo reviews for more information. Plenty of eBay powersellers who discovered the advantages of using Salehoo have been proofs that Salehoo, indeed can work to your benefit. Trustworthy directories don't just give you a detailed list of wholesale providers. They also give you a head to head comparison of the top providers on a worldwide scale. This way you know which of them are the best in the sector and which to trust.

The Salehoo Wholesale Database will assist you in getting the Best Deal when shopping for top and hot commodity items online.. Now it will be YOU Making a $$$ Bundle on EBAY, and other online business YOU decide to start!

Here's proof that SaleHoo bargains will make you a killing on EBay:


What If I Just Want to Buy ONE Item?
Or How About Dropshipping Options?

Not particularly interested in wholesaling, but still wish to exploit a number of these great offers? No problem! Unlike lots of other wholesalers, SaleHoo doesn't need folk to be individual dealers of sellers of anything. Even the casual bargain consumer can join and still milk the deep deductions. This implies that once you're a member of the Salehoo Wholesale Community, you can, as an individual person buy items for your own consumption. There isn't any limit to how many, or how few items you wish to buy at any one time! Yes, that implies you should buy a single items, at virtually ninety percent discount from retail! After you become an affiliate, you may never have to pay full price for brand and designer products ever again! You may be assured that that you'll only find the best quality distributors that may sell you original and brand spanking new products at the best costs possible. These distributors will ship anywhere in the world, and almost all of the time shipping is free! With the drop ship methodology, it's the wholesalers who take responsibility over packaging and delivering of products to the purchaser the online sellers identify.

As a drop shipper, you only need to watch your cash grow, and promote some more.If you wish to get into this business, you want to first identify a product or article that you see are selling high in eBay. In setting the cost of the product, you want to ensure that it is more than your purchasing cost. Otherwise, you won't earn anything. You then wait till you get the bidder with the most money to discover how much you have earned.You can run your drop shipping business in any location, so long as you have got your computer and a reliable internet connection. There isn't a need for an intricate office space, nor a roomy warehouse to keep your stocks. All that you need is a little investment to cover charges that eBay would charge you, exchange charges and membership costs for resource directories like Salehoo. You would also need to send your wholesale supplier your product label in order that they can be included in the product packaging. In the world of e-commerce drop shipping is comparatively a new system of doing business.Drop shippers serve as broker by selling the products of their identified wholesale providers. An alternative way of taking a look at it is that the drop shipper is regarded as an independent sales agent by the wholesaler. With this technique, you can simply expand your business because you don't need so much capital to enhance your sales. And as the providers would look after the after sales service, you can focus on getting more sales going. Yes, other members could also help you. Posting a query or message will help to receive an answer of the fears you'll have. If you're unsure if a particular concept will work or if it is a good idea, have folk post their perspectives in connection with your thought.Users of the community could also share their experiences with suppliers. Find info on suppliers that aren't recommended and suppliers that are faithful here also.

Get critical details so you aren't getting burned with your internet purchase.Members of this web site could even be able to proffer bulk refunds ; some of the providers are also members of the forum and are prepared to help you purchase at lower costs. This not only benefits you as a customer, it benefits the supplier too. Many suppliers are prepared to work with prospective purchasers who need to buy in big quantities. This web site offers a tour of their services and also lists a few items and rates. Be certain to review the site before joining.

Unlike a lot of the wholesale distributors that are currently available on the Internet ... the website and database are 100% updated DAILY!

You may never have to stress about inaccurate costs, superseded offers, damaged links or other sorts of wrong and out of fashion info being posted on the site. Salehoo has a groups of full time staff who check and confirm each single provider and their product costs on a DAILY basis! You'll never need to fret about fake wholesale providers, or superseded, expensive providers. Do you ever ask why plenty of the massive retail chains out there can offer such deep rebates to their customers? It is actually because they have mastered the art of wholesale buying. They have an unlimited source of providers ( thanks to Salehoo ) who sell them enormous amounts of products for a small part of the amount that they're really going to sell it for. An item may look like a 'bargain' initially, but possibilities are the company will still earn a profit because they bought that product for dimes on the buck.

Many of those providers were kept as extremely heavily protected secrets, and for excellent reasons. If folks knew about these wholesale shops, then the traditional retail shops would be out of business! And even if you probably did work out who a specific retailer's provider was, probabilities are you'd still not be in a position to make a purchase from them. Many standard wholesalers only sell in bulk or only sell to actual outlets, not people. Thanks to the advent of the Net, and now with Salehoo, all these common issues are now a thing of the past. Absolutely anyone can become an affiliate and milk the amazing deals and deductions which were only enjoyed by a previledged few during the past. And now even the average everyday person can compete with all the gigantic outlets while not having to invest large amounts of cash into your stock. Millions of bucks have been streaming in daily in online enterprises so making the web market a very rewarding venture. Electronic gadgetry, jewelries, garments and accessories are now sold online therefore many have opted to turn to the Net to sell products and services. With additional folk turning to the web for shopping, more entrepreneurs have been hogging the web market creating more competition for a chunk of the market. To guarantee a powerful stream of satisfied consumers, one has to have a good market plan vis what products to sell, the patron demand and who will supply the products.

To economize and time in looking for the best wholesale providers and dropshippers that you can conduct business with, a total online list like SaleHoo can offer you the specified info that you're going to need to evaluate the different sides of each company so you can get the best one that will satisfy what you want. SaleHoo directories can offer you the ease and convenience of skimming online so saving effort and time. Now you can devote additional time for other sides of your web business. When you're able to examine the SaleHoo listings, you'll find that dropshippers differ in their offers and deals. But dropshippers share one thing in common, they don't need high advance charges including stocks and shipping. Working with providers who dropship helps you to concentrate on advertising and marketing your products and researching the market to keep abreast of the newest trends to hit the net market. You are also spared of making regular inventories so you can simply expand the selections of products that you're selling. Your investment will typically be the time that you're going to spend on marketing and selling.

Even if you have absolutely no experience in sales, online wholesaling, retail or merchandising, this simple strategy makes it incredibly easy for someone to start making a respectable sum of money in wholesale trading without having a lot of time or start up capital!
salehoo forumsAnd the better part of the Salehoo index is that there isn't any minimum order of bulk order necessities. You can purchase as much or as little product as you need. You can even purchases individual products one item at a time. What number of other wholesalers permit that sort of flexibility? Another great thing is that it lets you become your own Firm Firm , utilising the world economy. When you become a member, you not only obtain access to the beast deal in the country, but you also have access to a couple of the best deals and repayments from all around the globe.
Try to imagine getting an MP3 player for $0.50 when the retail on eBay is going for $25! Yup! You guessed it! Over 85% of all electronic goods are made in China, Vietnam and other asian regions. You'll never be in a position to get them any less expensive from anywhere else! With only 1 click, you can connect to merchandisers and providers from anywhere in the world, compare offers and pick the offer that is best for you. Having access to worldwide provider sourcing guarantees that you can buy your goods for the least expensive price possible. Lots of the world merchandisers and providers from overseas sell products at much less expensive prices than their US opposite numbers so you could save some real money. The above tips should give you some ideas on developing an edge over your competitors. Keep recent on fresh products and research wholesalers to see where you can get the hottest deal. Use the tools on SaleHoo to help. Have interaction with other entrepreneurs and get tips on the web. Attend trade shows so you may be the first one in the know about fresh products.
In addition, as a Salehoo subscriber, you will also have access to
... the TOP 3 Sources for acquiring Top Selling products directly from China!
This outsourcing power will now give you the ability to compete with some of the largest and most profitable retailers on the Internet. Having access to these three sources alone are well worth the price of membership. This is one of the best kept secrets in the Internet wholesale business, and it is revealed to you when you join! You also have access to a massive directory of suppliers from China, Vietnam, Australia, the United Kingdom, and several other top manufacturing countries from around the world.

Here is what you get when you become a subscriber to the Exclusive database and Product Sourcing Tools

A complete listing of suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers
Salehoo has an in depth list of covering over 1,000,000 different product groups. From PCs to electronics, clothing, DVDs and toys - if you want it, Salehoo has it! It's got a highly sophisticated search friendly database which can let you find the precise product you need from all of the sources around the globe at the most competitive price! Which other catalog ever permits you to do this? You can also select the choice of a single buy or bulk purchases, and have the option of free shipping! Each and each provider in the Salehoo system is rated and determined on a regular basis by both the Salehoo company AND other Salehoo members of the site, so you'll always be ready to confirm a seller's track record before buying anything from them.

Protection from the scams!
Sellers are entirely checked out to be certain that they're selling high quality products and any disputes or client grouses are handles in an exceedingly prompt and pro demeanour. The database is always kept recent so you'll never need to stress about working with inaccurate info or outdates info. Be assured this is a 100% legit and credible service with a solid rep for providing the highest quality product. Salehoo is a very proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the eBay Developers Program.

Top notch customer support
Salehoo has a good shopper service team that is at the ready twenty-four hours per day, six days every week to help with any questions or concerns applying to your membership. There are live discuss sessions that gives members the chance to communicate with client service and get real-time answers to all of their questions. You can also contact shopper service for help when you're short of a product, but don't see it publicized on the database. Salehoo guarantees that if you can't find a product, they are going to find it for you at no extra cost to you.

Here are just a few of the products you can find at rock-bottom prices everyday at the Salehoo Wholesale Directory:

As Seen on TV


Exercise And Sport
Health & Beauty
Music & Video
Security And Defense
Support Materials
Tools And Hardware
Toys And Novelties


Designer Bags


Folding Chairs
Garment Bag
Luggage 3-piece Set
Luggage 4-piece Set
Luggage 5-piece Set

Computer Software &

Graphics & Desktop
Tools And Utilities

Wholesale Electronics

computer parts

35mm Cameras
Alarm Clocks
Apple Ipods New
Apple Ipods Refurb
Car Audio
Cd Players
Cell Phones - Bluetooth
Cell Phones - Motorola
Cell Phones - Nokia
Cell Phones - Samsung
Cell Phones - Sony
Cellular - Bluetooth
Cellular - Misc
Cellular - Motorola
Cellular - Nokia
Cellular - Samsung
Cellular - Sony
Cellular Phones
Cellular Phones - Misc
Computers & Peripherals
Cordless Phones
Digital Cameras
Dj Equipment
Dvd Players
Dvd Players Portable
Fax Machines
Gps/cb Radio
Health And Beauty
Home Décor
Home Stereo Systems
Home Theaters
Kids Electronics
Kitchen Appliances
Lcd-flat Screen
Motion Lamps
Mp-3 Players
Musical Instruments
Nostalgia Systems
Novelty Lamps
Novelty Phones
Personal Care
Pocket PCs
Poker Chips
Radar Detectors
RC Cars
Video Cameras
Xbox 360



salehoo accessories

Bags/carry Cases
Cables- Audio/video
Cables- Computer
Cases & Power Supplies
Closed Circuit Tv
Computers- Desktop
Computers- Notebooks
Controller Cards
Distributed Audio
Drive Enclosures
Drives-tape & Removable Media
Dvd Home Player/recorders
Home & Bus Monitoring
Home & Portable Audio
Home Automation
Indoor/outdoor Living
Input Devices
Input Devices-wireless
Kitchen & Housewares
Media- Blank
Memory & Card Readers
Mounts & Brackets
Mp3/mp4 Players
Peripheral Sharing/video Split
Personal Care
Power Protection
Printers- Inkjet/dot Matrix
Printers- Laser
Radar Detectors
Satellite Radio
Server Products
Sound Cards
Tv & Home Video
Usb/firewire Hubs & Devices
Video Cards
Video Cards/specialty Video
Video Specialty Products

More Consumer Electronics

electronics wholesale

2 Way Radios/scanners
Av Care & Media Storage
Binoculars & Night Vision
Cable Zone
Camcorders & Accessories
Cameras & Accessories
Cellular Accessories
Computer/office Misc.
Computer/office Misc.
Computer/office Misc. Hardware
Custom Installation
Extended Warranty
Home Theater
Memory & Blank Media
Mobile Audio
Mobile Audio/video
Mobile Video
Notebook & Hand-held
Computer/office Misc. Accesso
Observation & Security
Pa/dj Components
Personal & Portable Audio
Personal & Portable Av
Personal & Portable Media
Professional Av
Satellite Radios
Structured Wiring
Telephone Accessories &
Video Game
Audio Portable Players
Business Software
Digital Camera Access.
Digital Cameras
Display: Crt
Media: Cd-r/cd-rw
Misc Software
Os Software
Pda/handhelds Access.

Designer Fragrances

wholesale fragrances

Adrienne Vittadini
Alexandra De Markoff
Alfred Dunhill
Alfred Sung
Andy Warhol
Angel Schlesser
Anna Sui
Calvin Klein
Christian Dior
Christian Lacroix
Estee Lauder
Jean Paul Gaultier


Wholesale Jewelry

wholesale jewels

Body Jewelry
Bracelets And Anklets
Cubic Zirconia (cz)
Custom Precious Beads
Designer Jewelry
Earrings And Brooches
Fine Italian Enamel
Mens Jewelry
Name And Initials
Necklaces And Pendants
Patriotic Jewelry
Precious Pearls & Gems
Silver Jewelry
Wedding And Engagement

Wholesale Dresses and Clothing

wholesale fragrances

Children's Clothing
Junior Clothing
Men's Clothing
Unisex Clothing
Women's Clothing
Women's Petite Size Clothing
Women's Plus Size Clothing
and much more...

Audio Video Electronics

Dvd Player
Flipdown Monitor
Tv Monitor
Visor Monitor

Audio Headsets

audio video headsets

Bluetooth Headsets
Corded Headsets
Cordless Headsets
Headset Systems & Amplfiers

Toys & Games

games toys playstation

Diecast Models
Educational Toys
Rc Airplanes
Rc Buggies
Rc Cars
Rc Helicopters
Rc Tanks
Rc Trucks

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